Fact Sheet

Martin County
Williamston, NC

Educational Trends

  • Only 21% of the adults in  Williamston, NC received their high school diploma or its equivalency, while less than 11% obtained an Associates degree or higher.
  • In a troubling educational system, only 44% percent of the students passed the End of Grade Exams (EOG’s). Although African Americans make up 58% of the population, only 27% obtained satisfactory results, compared to their white counterparts, with more than 63% passing the yearly exam.

Economic Trends

  • In a population with less than 6,000, Williamston, NC has about 30% of their residents living below the poverty line.
  • Nearly 22% of the families survive off less than an annual income of $10,000.
  • Single families continue to grow at an alarming rate; more than 26% of the families are led by females, with no father present.  Of these families, 40% continue to live below the poverty line.

Health and Diet Trends

  • More than 25% of the children ages 5-11 are considered obese and don’t have appropriate eating and diet habits.
  • Chlamydia and Gonorrhea continue to grow at an exponential rate with more than a 1000 new cases reported in 2007.
  • Per 1000 teens about 90 of them are directly affected by teen pregnancy each year.
  • Each year at least 20 new HIV/Aids cases are reported in a population of less than 6,000, making it one of the highest rates in North Carolina.

*The statistics featured above were all gathered from: http:factfinder.census.gov and North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services.